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DeFi (decentralized finance) is a form of finance where smart contracts provide banking services on the blockchain.

DeFi removes the need for intermediaries allowing for better use of capital. Be Mobile leverages DeFi to provide its users with better risk adjusted returns. Learn more

From $ 100

Designed to be accessible

You can participate in Be' s savings offering from as little as 100 USD or equivalent local currency.

Hedge against currency devaluation

Devaluation is a challenge for many African currencies. Directly impacting people's savings.

A USD or EUR based investment allows you to protect your capital and earn a return at the same time.

No long lock up

You can withdraw your principal and interest earned after 90 days if you want.

This is much shorter than traditional investment products where funds are blocked for 12 months.

Frequenty Asked Questions

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  • 5% is much better than most traditional players – What is the catch ?

    There is no catch. Be Mobile is able to provide higher than market returns through a combination of technology, better investment strategies and lower fees. While returns cannot be guaranteed, one of the key differentiator is that Be Mobile leverages DeFi (i.e financial services on the blockchain). This allows us to reduce cost which combined with innovative investment strategies results in Be Mobile being able to provide higher returns. The value gained is ultimately passed to our users therefore providing returns much higher than what traditional banks offer.

  • What is DeFi ?

    At a high level, decentralized finance (DeFi) is a concept where financial products are available on a public decentralized blockchain network. This removes the need for intermediaries between transacting parties which means better efficency and lower costs. Smart contracts (coding on the blockchain) automate agreement terms between buyers and sellers or lenders and borrowers to make these financial products possible.

    More information at : https://www.investopedia.com/decentralized-finance-defi-5113835

  • How do I invest in the 5% Saving’s offering

    You can invest directly form your Be Mobile app.

    If you are not a Be Mobile user, create a Be Mobile account by downloading the app. It takes about 1 min.

    Step 1 : You need to agree to the T&Cs : here

    Step 2 : For Be Mobile users :
    1) Deposit funds into Be Mobile via bank transfer
    2) Click QR Code Payment on the home screen
    3) Scan the QR code : Open QR code
    4) Enter the amount you want to invest

  • I am in country [X], is this available to me ?

    The offering is available to all Be Mobile users. Be Mobile is available globally expect in countries that are on the sanction lists of the USA, Canada and Europe

  • I live in an African country that has capital control. Is this available to me ?

    For resident of countries with capital control the offering is available to you subject to local regulations.

    For example, if you are from South Africa, you can participate in Be Mobile's savings offer within your yearly Foreign Exchange. If you invest in ZAR the money will be converted into USD and therefore fall into the Foreign Exchange (FX) guidelines of the South Africa Reserve Bank.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at support@befinancialgroup.com

  • I changed my mind, can I cancel the service ?

    Be Mobile has a 5 day refund policy.

    From the time you made the investment, you can cancel it anytime and at no cost within the next 5 business days by contacting our support team. The full amount will be refunded to your Be Mobile account.

    After 5 days, the earliest you will be able to withdraw your funds plus interest is 3 months later.

  • Can I withdraw my funds anytime ?

    Like most investment products, there is a minimum amount of time your money has to be invested. This is referred to as a lock up period (i.e. a minimum amount of time you commit your funds to be invested). Most traditional players have lock up periods of at least 12 months.

    In the case of Be Mobile, we understand things came up and you may need to access your funds. Therefore, we have reduced the lock up period to 3 months.

    In other words, if you invest on January 1st, you can withdraw your funds plus pro-rated interest as early as April 1st. Just notify Be Mobile before the 15th of the previous month (in this example March 15) - the funds will be available on your account on the 1st of the next month (in this example April 1st).

  • Who is this 5% Saving's offer open to ?

    The offering is open to all Be Mobile users globally. This includes individuals and companies.

  • Is there a minimum to invest for this service ?

    We want this to be as inclusive as possible. Currently the minimum amount to be invested is 100 USD or equivalent in the local currency. We are aiming to lower that minimum to 1 USD over time.

  • Which currencies can I make my investment in ?

    You can invest in any of the currencies supported by Be Mobile. Keep in mind that that this 5% savings offering is indexed on USD or EUR (users can choose). This means that while you can investment in the currency of your choice, your investment will be converted to USD or EUR. Your returns will be calculated on the USD or EUR base.

    For example, if you invest 25,000 ZAR, it will be converted to 1,690 USD. After 12 months, you will have 1,690 USD + 84.5 USD (5% return) = 1,774.5 USD. If you want to withdraw the funds in ZAR, the USD amount will be converted using the daily rate for FX on the day of the withdrawal.

  • Are returns guaranteed ?

    As with any other investment product, returns are not guaranteed. 5% is calculated based on Be Mobile’s investment strategies and previous track record. We expect to deliver on that number with a high degree of confidence but cannot legally guarantee it.

  • Is my investment covered under deposit insurance ?

    No. Be Mobile is a blockchain based FinTech platform that leverages technology to offer banking type services. Be Mobile is not a bank and therefore does not qualify for government deposit insurance schemes.

    Be Mobile is a regulated Money Services Business (MSB) in Canada and therefore follow very strict procedures related to how customers' funds are handled.

    Be Mobile as a company will however guarantee the principal invested into its Savings offering for the first 1,000 users up to 100,000 USD per user or equivalent in local currencies out of its own balance sheet.

  • Is there is any risk ?

    Like most investment products, there are some risks associated. Be Mobile is a regulated entity in Canada and therefore follows strict processes on how customers' funds have to be handled.

    In the 5% savings offering, funds are deployed on DeFi (decentralized finance), which means in smart contracts (computer programs). Smart contracts are open sourced and Be Mobile only uses smart contracts that have been audited and passed our security and safety analysis.

    This being said, zero-risk does not exist and things, like a major hack, could happen and result in a loss of funds. While this is pretty rare and Be Mobile has multiple safeguards in place to both prevent and mitigate such events, they can happen.

  • What are the fees ?

    There is no fee associated with this offering. If you invest 100 USD, the whole amount will earn a return.

  • How does Be Mobile make money ?

    Be Mobile does not charge fees to invest. Be Mobile earns revenue as a company as part of the investment strategies if the returns are above 5%.

    For example if the returns on capital for a specific 12 month period is 5.75%, then Be Mobile will earn 0.75%. If returns are at 5% or below, Be Mobile does not earn anything.

  • Is there a maximum I can invest ?

    Currently there is no maximum. For individuals looking to invest more than 100,000 USD ( or equivalent in local currency ) and for companies looking to invest more than 1,000,000 USD ( or equivalent in local currency ) please contact Be Mobile's team at info@befinancialgroup.com

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